The Tool-Shop

Starting from 2003 SPLAST has been investing in the Tool-Shop, which expands rapidly. At SPLAST Tool-Shop are performed the multicomponent moulds, moulds with injection gas, overmoulding and Mucell technology with 20 T mass and 1200 x 2000 mm dimensions. Currently SPLAST Tool-Shop performs annually around 120 injection moulds and  at the same time ensures the maintenance 1000 moulds working in SPLAST injection moulding plants.

SPLAST ensures its customers the complex implementation of projects, starting from the moment of product design and technical support during the whole implementation process too. The injection moulding machines with clamping force from 40 to 2000 T allow to perform tests and serial production.


Machinery park

SPLAST Tool-Shop owns a very modern machinery park, and a specialize group of workers could handle with the most difficult challenges. At the moment our Tool-Shop machinery park consists of the following devices:


  1. Numeric Milling machines:


  • FADAL VMC 4525 HT
  • CME FS-3
  • YCM NDC – 3018
  • HAAS VM8


  • HERMLE C42 U
  • HERMLE C52 U
  1. EDM Machines:
  • EXERON 313
  • EXERON 310
  • EXERON 316

*Note! OPS 650 INGERSOLL + GANTRY EAGLE 800 determines machining centre with pallets warehouse and the electrodes

  1. Wire cutting:  
  • SODICK AQ 900 L
  • EXCETEK V 650
  1. Conventional milling  FWS3Z
  2. Lathe NC TUJ 630 MEF
  3. Drilling machine SODICK K1C
  4. Grinder surface G+H FS 1050 SC
  5. Universal Grinder RUP 280
  6. Grinder sharpening tool AFFILATRICI 3M
  7. Band saw PILOUS ARG 290 PLUS
  8. Measuring machine 3D ZEISS CONTURA G2
  9. Spotting press MILLUTENSIL
  10. Ultrasonic washer



The stage of design is leading by using the latest CAD / CAM programs under the supervision of experienced engineers and programmers. The entire design process is carried out in close cooperation with the customer, so even the most complex moulds arise quickly and efficiently. SPLAST R&D is working with the most modern software, Siemens NX 11, CATIA V5, MASTERCAM X8. For finished goods and moulds the company provides the full control of dimensional measurements, including 3D and PPAP documentation. The whole project management process is supervised in the PLM system (Product Lifecycle Management) of Siemens Teamcenter 11, started from a concept, through changes, BOM until the production execution.



At SPLAST Tool-shop are designed and manufactured moulds for customers in the automotive industry, electronics, furniture as well  as for SPLAST injection plant. Nowadays there are released approx. 120 new projects yearly.


Analysis and measurements

SPLAST offers its customers Moldflow analysis - simulation of the injection. Issues with fulfilment of the moulds cavities, the quality of injected goods or too long cycle time after the execution of the moulds has to be eliminated, but the cost of such operations per year is high. Autodesk Moldflow software, is a tool from a family of software’s CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), which at the design stage allows us to recognize and eliminate the problems associated with various aspects of the plastics processing. Due to this fact there is a possibility to minimize the cost of any mould further improvements.
For finished parts and moulds the company provides full control, including dimensional measurements on 3D Zeiss machine.
Machinery park of SPLAST Tool-Shop
Machinery park of SPLAST Tool-Shop
SPLAST Tool-Shop

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