Guarantee to the efforts of the SPLAST Group to produce products of the highest quality, meet the requirements and expectations of our customers and being the source of their confidence, is a functioning system of quality and environmental management.
The company's declaration and its intentions and principles relating to the general effects of the activities are implemented at all management levels:

  • Quality Policy,
  • Environmental Policy.


All of the SPLAST production plants have certificates, which adjust the procedures in the field of quality and environmental management:

  • ISO 9001:2015 /Jedlicze plant & Krosno plant & Alsózsolca plant & Jasło plant/
  • IATF 16949:2016 /Jedlicze plant & Krosno plant/
  • ISO 14001:2015 /Jedlicze plant & Krosno plant & Jasło plant/

SPLAST has got a modern laboratory equipped with:

  • dimensional optical scanner - Atos,
  • 3D Machine – Zeiss,
  • optical microscope,
  • spectrophotometer,
  • surface roughness tester,
  • gauges,
  • scales,
  • altimeters.
Measurement on 3D Zeiss Machine
Measurement on dimensional optical scanner Atos
Measurement during the production
The production meeting room
Testing in SPLAST R&D Center
Testing in SPLAST R&D Center
Testing in SPLAST R&D Center
Rapid prototyping device of metal parts in SPLAST R&D Center

Quality tools used in SPLAST are:

  • 8D report – external & internal complaints,
  • 5 Why analysis,
  • Ishikawa diagram,
  • Pareto analysis,
  • Control Chart.


And continuous improvement is realized by:

  • 5S,
  • SMED,
  • Participation at Champions League.   

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