Professional cleaning equipment

Cleaning sets of AquaSplast line
Hotel systems of ComfortSplast line
Cleaning trolleys of AquaSplast line

Starting from 1993, SPLAST is a manufacturer of professional manual cleaning equipment, which is widely used in effective cleaning of offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, etc.

The wide range of SPLAST is dominated by three product lines:

  •   Is a group of highly advanced ergonomic and quality products/sets, trolleys and trolley frames, designed to optimize the process of wet cleaning of large surfaces.


  •    Is a group of exclusive products for professional cleaning, dedicated mainly for the HoReCa. These modular systems with a modern design and the possibility of textiles/wood framework - depending on the interior where the equipment is supposed to be used.


  •   Is a group of cleaning systems, trolleys and mop frames made with an antibacterial technology according to the standard ISO:22196 (Plastics Measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics surface). The results of a professional expertise regarding the growth reduction of microorganisms on the surface of AssepticoSplast®  products produced in nanotechnology was 99.9%. 

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