Plastic injection moulding

SPLAST production plant in Jedlicze at Sienkiewicza 19
SPLAST production plant in Krosno at Lotników 13
SPLAST production plant in Hungary, Alsózsolca / Miskolc, Gyár utca 5

From several years SPLAST Group is at the forefront of the ranking list of the largest manufacturer of plastics,  which leads its manufacturing in three plants.

Plant in Jedlicze:

  • total area: 3,5 ha,
  • production halls 1+2:  1.800 m² + 3.900 m²,
  • production range: parts 5 g – 5 kg,
  • modern laboratory equipped with, among others, dimensional optical scanner–Atos or 3D measuring machine - Zeiss,
  • modern Tool-Shop.


Plant in Krosno:

  • total area: 5,0 ha,
  • the production hall: 10.455 m²,
  • production range: parts 100 g – 8 kg,
  • newly created Research and Development Center equipped with, among others, testing machine, scanner measuring machine, CMM machine (coordinate measuring machine), multisensor measuring machine, 3D printer.


The plant in Alsózsolca / Miskolc:

  • total area: 1,5 ha
  • the production hall: 2.039 m2
  • production range: parts 100 g – 2 kg


Currently SPLAST is the supplier for:

  • automotive industry,
  • electronics,
  • household appliances,
  • cosmetics,
  • furniture.

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